The Importance of a Quality Domain Name

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When you think of starting your own website, the probable decisions you think of are regarding website designing and templates. However, there is a much more important decision you need to make before that. And that is regarding domain names.

Even before you search for domain name ideas through a domains name generator, you must invest in a web hosting provider.

Cloud Hosting Service: Things to worry about before domain names

What process makes sure that your website is accessible to the masses? A web hosting platform does. It is an integral part of the experience. You can easily find a quality USA web hosting provider if you know what you want.

 For those of you, who would rather have a cheap web hosting provider, know that there are pitfalls to this decision. After all, the Canadian Cloud Web Hosting Best Companies all come at a cost. A free web hosting provider will deliver a subpar service that would ruin the experience for your customers.

So, before you try to understand the effect of domain names, it is important for you to build the foundations right.

Why do domain names matter?

Once you have selected a web hosting service, you will be required to filter out the various types of domain names and select one which best suits your company and need. Make sure it is available via searching it on platforms like Domain Whois. You then have to conduct domain name registration.

Choosing the domain name is an important part because of the following reasons:

  • It is a part of branding. The name you select will become your identity. All effective domain names are those which are easy to retain. This is why choosing domains extension carefully is important. Generally, people opt for a gTLD name. What is gTLD name? They are Top level domains (TLD) that end with generic extensions like .com and .net. Due to its popularity, .com is preferred.
  • It is a cost you have to bear. Domains are not available for free. Instead, you will find both cheap and premium domains in the market. The prices domains have are decided by the type of extension they have, the popularity of the name and the time period of ownership delivered. Hence, domain names constitute a chunk of your resources and hence are important.


Don’t take the act of choosing a domain name lightly. It matters.

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