What makes Cheap Web hosting not so good?

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How the entire world revolves around the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ and whenever you hear something free or cheap, you already expect it to be ‘not of good quality’. In some cases it’s true; however it’s not true each time.

Speaking of cheap web hosting, is that true?

Believe it or not, there are some affordable sources that can offer you cheap web hosting services far better than the most expensive web hosting companies.

Why they provide affordable rates to customers?

The big public listed web hosting companies can afford to be cheap due to few obvious reasons. One is economies of scale and other is long-term relationship with customer. They offer low cost services to satisfy the customers, so that they can make happy paying customers for a long time. In this way, they get a lifelong cycle of making money from their hosting customers. Initially, customer may pay small price of hosting plans but they end up paying more for many add-ons. Thus it all brings the total value of customers up.

How to recognize the cheap web hosting provider?

So we have agreed that not all cheap web hosting companies are bad, and they provide quality services as well.  So what things to consider while signing up at cheap web hosting company?

Watch out for addon costs. There are some low cost web hosting companies that at the time of registration will acts as low-cost web hosting solutions provider but then charge you for every little service they will offer to you. Literally, they will charge you of everything from email addresses to technical support.

Take notice of renewal prices. Again, many have experienced it that some web hosting providers renew their web hosting account after 12 months. At start, they will offer less cost services to grab people’s attention and then suddenly they come to their real prices.

How much the cheap web hosting company is reliable? Is your website remains down every time? No one wants a site that goes down all the time. There’s no point to save $1/month for the low-cost plan that cost your website go down and even cost you more with huge sale losses. Therefore, assure that your chosen web hosting company has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Cheap web hosting doesn’t always compromise on quality

We suggest eHost.com, idea host, and iPage as the best cheap web hosting solutions. They all belong to category of big corporate organizations. Consider these options because they offer the best features and are reliable.

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