A Fond Farewell

We’ve always been about trying something new. Having fun, and not taking life too seriously. And as we reflect on our 5th anniversary, we can safely say, we are still on that path. You’re invited to join us for our final Big Heap, back where it all started in Cave Creek. You only live once, so we’re heading out to grab  more cool adventures before we wear this thing into the ground 🙂 Cheers!!

TBHFinal Farewell

Updating a 300 Year Old Hayloft

…hotel/burned ruin/1970’s house

As some of you know,  I recently relocated to the UK, thus beginning the remodel of our lovely hayloft. You might also know that the average living space is 925 UK vs 2500 US. This makes every square inch valuable. Storage is key! We are working within the confines of 24″ thick stone walls, radiators, boxed in pipes and raised plumbing.

Laundry rooms are scarce, most people dry their clothes on the line, (where, by the way, I have watched the rain rewash countless dress shirts) Which brings us to the kitchen. Yes, the washer and in our case the dryer too, are in the kitchen.

Remember what I said about confines? All appliances requiring water are on one wall. Under the window of course. So we opted for a flexible arrangement, a deconstructed kitchen. Also called a freestanding kitchen, also called budget friendly.

So here’s a quick look at the current arrangement that allowed us to make the most of space and we can switch out any piece, anytime. New floors, new paint, new lighting, appliances, larder, industrial sink and rugs. Good finds in local antique shops include the island, pot rack and artworks, and of course, my favorite thing, the antique Chinese street food vendor cart that holds fresh fruits and vegetables, found at the car boot sale for £45.

Countertops and adjustable height legs – Ikea
Blue cabinet – Scaramanga

Urban and Boho Relics

Get ready for our big 5th Anniversary Festival in November! We are returning to Cave Creek where it all began. This will be one of our biggest shows yet with our new focus on an urban and bohemian groove – think loft and personal nesting hide outs! A gathering of lowbrow art and industrial furnishings. November 18-20, 2016.