Aaron Voigt

We wanted to take a minute to highlight our dear friend and artist Aaron Voigt. We met Aaron right before our very first Big Heap and fell in love. He emanates kindness, and urban, industrial, vintage coolness, and his work, well, you instantly want to put your arm around it, and become its friend. Forever.

Currently, Aaron is the featured artist at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and creating new works to share with the good people of Tucson in April, at The Big Heap. Be sure to stop in and say hi, and take home one of his signature robots.

TBH Artisans

Most know The Big Heap for our Vintage and Antique goods. We also have some of the most talented artisans around. These are some of the pieces sent in for the Tucson show.


(Top left-Aaron Voigt-Phoenix, top center-Victorian Folly-Phoenix, top right-Kim Savage-Cave Creek, center left-Bottle Rocket-Tucson, Center – Bottle Rocket, center right-Days of Vintage-Yarnell, lower right-Monster Booty-Tucson, lower far right-Painted Ladies-Snowflake, AZ This is just a sample. We will also be hosting garden artist Julie Sadek, Solar and wood light sculptor Mel Stauffer of Golden Valley, Watto’s Wife, Madijaxmetal and others. Should be a great show. April 11-12 Old Tucson